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Syagrius and Trier[edit]

Tom, you wrote: "The entire northern half of Roman Gaul, from Tours north, remained under Roman Administration for ten years after the deposure of Augustulus, until 486. After this, perhaps another ten years or more, approaching the start of the sixth century, deep within Germany actually only just east of what is now Luxumborg(1), the Roman people of Trier still remained autonomous". Well, there was the empire of Syagrius until 486. But your conclusion is wrong, because your detail information is wrong. Your cardinal error is to believe, Trier was part of Syagrius roman kingdom. In fact, Trier was never part of this last roman remain in middle europe. Syagrius territorry lied exclusively on what today is called France (concentrated around the regions Ile de France and Normandie). The eastern border of Syagrius territory ended roundabout at the valleys of the river Maas (or Meuse in french) and Marne more in the south and Somme in the north, all this is miles west from Trier. During the time Syagrius was defeated, Trier already belonged to the frankish kingdom, called Francia in latin speaking sources, it did no longer belong to Gallia. There are dozens of good maps and books about it, e.g. here (Look at the brown tainted map: The black territory is the frankish kingdom with the city Tournai shown. Tournai is today at the belgian-french border and is situated approx. 130 Kilometers more westwards than Trier). An evidence that trier not belonged to Syagrius kingdom is, that the newly conquered territory in 486 was called "Neustria" (new land) by the new frankish rulers. But Trier never belonged to Neustria, but always to "Austrien" or "Austrasia" (eastern land). The same with today french city of Metz and Reims. So, I don`t know why you insist on your error. You can`t rewrite history without having reliable sources. And thanks for the information, that 6th century refers not to 600's but 500's. Revolutionary! Emettlach 09:30, 31 January 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]

SKILLED WORKER Actually, I notice, I had not logged in when I made my most significant Wikipedia contribution:

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Generally, however, individual skilled workers are more valued to a given company than individual non-skilled workers, as skilled workers tend to be more difficult to replace. As a result, skilled workers tend to demand more in the way of financial compensation because of their efforts.

 + In both skilled and skilled labor alike, the foundation is that he is contributing, not that he is contributing with a special skill or talent. The relevance of a skill or talent is important to its value; as a skill becomes increasingly specialized the fit becomes increasingly more relatively important than the level of talent. Highly paid older workers who have aquired much skill through years of experience are known in both America and other countries such as Germany for taking up to a year using compensation and savings to find again the right fit for their high skills. Low skilled workers are known in America for taking the first opening, a job search only extended involuntarily when told repeatedly "there are no openings" or "business is down" (a.k.a."jobs Americans just won't take"). As highly skilled work becomes increasingly commodotized, economically speaking, "skilled work" becomes just "work." In the face of international competition, the amount of time a skilled worker will tend to spend searching may tend to increase at the very time his expected new position becomes less and less available. This was noticed by German politicians who came up with a proposal to alter the current scheme of government benefits, to disincentivise such workers from not settling for positions below their skill level. 
 + Unskilled work is vital to an economy and less vital per capita to an employer. This is an Economics issue. How to rectify this to furter optimise the functioning of an economy? Senator Teddy Kennedy has proposed changes to Social Security to "honor" this hitherto unrecognized portion of national value produced by the lowest paid Americans. On Minnesota Radio, there was recently a discussion about the question of a national salary supplement in South Africa for the lowest paid workers. All such proposals recognise the vital function of unskilled labor. Ever higher comptetion skilled labor must face from itself; correct allocation of skilled labor becomes an ever great issue; the hitherto unrecognized value of unskilled labor is beginning to be recognized by governments; human and machine capital makes greater production, as David Ricardo long ago pointed out, increasing the value of basic human labor as its cost of production, cost of living decreases. Ever harder to master science, ever more skilled or at least quantitative competition or demanding task masters, these put ever more people out of work or make their work ever harder or their employers ever more aloof and harsh; as this happens, the relevance of machinery, of science and of skilled workers decreases. The relevancy of skilled workers decreases to whom? To those put out of work. Reflecting

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